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Sung Jin Min


1998 University of pennsylvania graduate dept. of mixed media (MFA) 1994 Sookmyung Woman’s Univ. graduate dept. of paintings (MFA) 1990 Sookmyung Woman’s Univ. graduate dept. of paintings (BFA)



2014 Cyart Space (Seoul)

2013 Palede Seoul (Seoul)

2011 Stewart Park (N.Y)

2010 Gallery Sun (Seoul)

2009 Mayjune Gallery (Seoul) AW Convention Center (Seoul)

1999 Jongno Gallery (Seoul)

1994 Namu Gallery (Seoul)

1993 Sukyung Gallery (Seoul)



2013 Gift (Topo House, Seoul) Motrious Cafe (N.Y) Tostits Festival (N.Y) SOAF (Coex Convention Hall, Seoul)

2012 Together in the world (Palais de Seoul, Seoul) White jungle (Gallery Yeon, Seoul) We now (lisa Art Center, Seoul) Art and culture aucation (Moonshin Gallery, Seoul)

2011 Volt Gallery open show (Gyeonggi) lthaca Art Festival (Merson Park, N.Y) Small art show (Gallery Soggup, Gyeonggi)

2010 LA Art Fail (LA Convention Center) SOAF (Coex, Seoul) ithaca Festival (Stewart Park, N.Y) Sky Yeon opening show (Sky Yeon Gallery, Seoul) Chungdam Art Festival (Park Yeosook Gallery, Seoul)

2009 Korea Artist Award (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul) Come back, came back (Blue Square Gallery, Seoul) (Mideum Gallery, Seoul)

2008 Window Show (Gallery Sun, Seoul)

2006 Seoul and Pyeongyang (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul) The day in the forest (National Gukak Center, Seoul) silent Auction (White Hall, P.A) Painting show (Meyerson Hall, P.A)

2005 Good bye. Good morning (Total Contemporary Art Moseum, Seoul) Hoho tang tang (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul) Song of image (National Mseum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi)

2003 Mixed media show (Meyerson Hall, P.A) U-Penn group show (N.Y) Art soup (Tots Hall, P.A)



2010 Korea Best Artist Award (art and criticism)

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