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 Kim Il Tae (金一泰)

In the beginning, artist Kim Il Tae acted out of desperation when he dabbled with the idea of painting with gold. It took him nearly even years to figure out the optimal mixture of 24-carat gold powder, natural oil and a glue of his own making that made it possible for him to actually paint with gold pigment, without a crack or change of color. He worked very hard to distinguish himself from western traditional artists and he found that gold is a suitable medium to portray eastern philosophy. He is inspired by simplicity - roses symbolise his hope to share the warmest, most honourable, and most honest moment to others. Through his art, Kim longs to convey a message that will never change in a thousand years. His works are in private collections and at auction.

Kim Il Tae 3
Kim Il Tae 2
Kim Il Tae 4
Kim Il Tae 1


- Private Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, UK

- Private Exhibition at AURUM Gallery (exclusive), KOREA


- Art Works On-Display at Sun-Wen Overseas Representation in Hong Kong

- Open ORO Gallery in Chung-dam

- Special Exhibition: Co-exhibition with Professor Lee-yen


- Gold Painting Works on Display at Myeong-dong Cathedral

- Private Exhibition in Lotte Avenue, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Awarded Art of Peace of World Buddhism from "Corporate International Association of - Buddhist Priests"

- Private Exhibition of Gold Painting Works for the Success of "World Buddhism Culture Olympics"

- Private Exhibition on Gold Painting Works in Guangzhou

- Exhibition at Contemporary Art Exhibition Student Museum of China

- Private Exhibition at K-ART Gallery

- Private Exhibition in Beverly Hills. LA, USA

- On Display at Guangzhou International Art Fair


- Private Exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

- Awarded Grand Prize of Achievement in Gold Art of Filial Piety Awards

- Awarded Grand Prize of Achievement in Creative Art of Glorifying Korea Awards

- On Display in ORO Gallery in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, Korea


- Private Exhibition at Bukchon Studio in Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea

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