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Huang Zhu

黄柱,生于 1985 年 8 月,2009 年毕业广西师范学院艺术学院油画专业
1.2007 年油画《某日的记忆》参加第二届中国——东盟青年艺术创作大赛获优秀奖 2.2008 年油画《某日的记忆 3》人选中国大学生美术作品年鉴 3.2009 年油画《子夜》人选《庆祝广西壮族自治区成立 50 周年》 4.2009 年油画《遐想都市 2》参加印象中国第三届青年美术与设计双年展获铜奖 5. 2009 年油画《青春遐想》人选参加第三届中国——东盟青年艺术创作大赛 6.2012 年参加广西首届当代艺术展 7.2012 参加东盟金融藏家展 8. 2012 年参加广西首届当代艺术展北京巡回展 9.2013 广西当代艺术展“成长中的城” 10.2013 第一届中国-东盟艺术双年展 11、2015 第二届中国-东盟艺术双年展 Personal resume
Huang Zhu,1985,a degree in oil painting art institute of guangxi normal university in 2009
The exhibition information
1.2007 painting "Memory of a Day" to participate in the second session of the China - ASEAN Youth Art Contest Excellence Award 2.2008 painting "Memory of a Day 3" candidates for Chinese works of art college yearbook 3.2009 painting "Midnight" person "to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was established." 4.2009 painting "reverie and the City 2" impression of China to participate in the Third Biennale for Young Art and Design Bronze 5.2009 oil painting "youthful reverie" candidates to attend the third China - ASEAN Youth Art Contest 6.2012 participate in Guangxi First Contemporary Art Exhibition 7.2012 participation in the ASEAN Finance collectors exhibition 8.2012 participated in the inaugural Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing Guangxi Exhibition Tour 9.2013 Guangxi Contemporary Art Exhibition "Growing City" 10. The First China-ASEAN Biennale 2013 11. TheSecondCHINA–ASEANBIENNALE

Huangzhu,dialogue,Oil on canvas,100cmx100cm.2015.KHD25000_柱《__》。布面油_100cmx100cm.2015.HKD25000
Huangzhu, story of xiaoba No.10, oil on canvas, Mar 2015, 100x100cm 10000 HKD25000
Huangzhu, story of xiaoba ,100x150cm.oil on canvas,HKD50000元._柱《小八物_系列》100x150cm.布面油_.HKD50000元
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