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 Faye Tung 

Faye Tung began pursuing art at a young age and becoming an artist has always been her dream.

Faye lived in California for several years and pursued further education. She managed to spare more time to enjoy painting. After living in California, she decided to go back to her hometown, Hong Kong, and to turn her passion into profession.


 Vibrant colours are always seen in Faye's artwork and since Faye loves butterflies and puppies, they are always subjects of her paintings. Being a Christian, Faye also loves drawing Jesus portraits and she hopes to evangelize audiences through her paintings.


In 2015, Faye was honoured to be invited by the world renowned Vosne-Romanée Richebourg Vineyard in the Burgundy region of France, to become the first artist hold an exhibiton in the vineyard. She then painted the popular "Vosne-Romanée" Collection to commemorate the memorable trip.

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