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Angelo Accardi

Born in Sapri, a small town in the south of Italy, Accardi spent a short interval at the Art Academy of Naples and set up his personal studio in the early nineties in Sapri to embark on his pursuit of depicting figures against a social background. His debut on the artistic scene was strongly characterized by what in Italian Art is referred to as “figura,” a representation of the human body, as well as by pictorial and symbolic art.

In the course of his artistic development, Accardi has been on a constant search for new sensations. The cycle of works called “Human Collection” depicted on attenuated atmosphere, suggesting the softness of cotton wool – where the figures are masterfully veiled as if by a sheath of moistness – marks a fundamental passage in his artistic development.

He has exhibited in prestigious galleries in Italy and abroad, such as Rossetti and Pini in Rome, the Manzoni Art Studio of Milan and the Klaus Lea Gallery of Munich. Today his works are included in international galleries including Bel Air Fine Art in Geneva, Ransom Art Gallery in London, Zenzero Art Gallery in Lugano, Avant Gallery in Miami and Eden Gallery in New York City.

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