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Bui Thanh Tam

Bui Thanh Tam was born in 1979 in Vietnam and graduated from the Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2009. He is one of the most important young artists in Vietnam. The artist reveals his opinions and observations of the modern society in Vietnam as a rapidly growing conservative country in his paintings. Similar to other Southeast Asia countries, Vietnam is in its transitional stage that the traditional local society is trying to accept and adapt western culture where the young generation is mostly about materialism and luxury life style. Bui Thanh Tam also emphasis the role of women in Vietnam in his paintings. In his works, the female characters are inspired by Vietnames traditional water puppets, these charters are usually wearing a mysterious and big smile, dressing in glamorous clothes, enjoying themselves in a luxury environment and waiting for admiration. However, the soulless and emptiness are found from their big-round eyes which reflects the confusion and disorientation in the contemporary society. Bui Thanh Tam has a great skill in mastering colour composition in his works and creating a big contrast between colours.! !


Bui Thanh Tam has participated in solo and group exhibition in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, China and Malaysia. He has also won numerous artists awards in Vietnam.

Crazy People in bar II_Oil painting_120x130cm
Black Swan VI_Oil Painting_128x145cm
Crazy People Happy Day_Oil painting_128x145cm
Crazy People In The Bar by Bui Thanh Tam - 2015 - Oil on canvas - 128 x 145 cm
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